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Friday, December 13, 2013

Mom 'n FAB: My FREE Benefit Tips and Tricks Workshop with Ms. Julia Arenas of

December 4, 2013

I think I'M IN LOVE. Yes, you read it right. I'm in love with BEnefit cosmetics. In my previous post, I told you about a free make up workshop of Benefit Cosmetics that is scheduled in Edsa Shangrila. The event was transferred to Greenbelt 5 instead. It was so nice of Benefit's staff to inform me of the changes with all the possible ways they can. Through text message, private message in FB and through email. Luckily, Greenbelt's nearer to where I was staying so it gave me more reason to come. And because I was excited and nervous at the same time, I came in early because the first batch of workshop participants were still there. So what I did was stroll the mall first to pass time. Sadly, when I came back the second batch of participants were already seated. The store was a little small so I had to stay on the sides of the store while standing. I thought the workshop already started as one lady was already asking Ms. Arenas a lot of question. Then, my luck turned, I was given a seat by the staff in the front and had one of the best seats in the workshop. I could clearly see and hear as Ms. Arenas was talking.
The workshop started by Ms. Julia Arenas introducing herself. She studied in Make Up Forever in Singapore which is a sister company of benefit by the way and has been doing make up for TVC, and other events for more than 1 year. She's relatively new in the industry but has gained a lot of followers through her blogsite.

The workshop revolved around the "How to look your best at everything" makeup kit. This was mainly used in the entire workshop and created a day to evening look.

1. Ms. Arenas speaks really well and is not intimidating. In a way, she's very relatable and as if she's just a friend teaching make up to me.
2. She's very generous in giving information and tips as well as tricks in doing make up.
3. She encourages questions and answers them comprehensively.

1. Its important to test base make ups before buying them. She advised taking make ups to a road test before making a purchase to ensure compatibility with the skin.
2. For a natural look, especially in the evening, apply foundation just on the center of the face.
3. Primers enhances the staying power of make ups so apply it on the areas where you want your make up to stay on longer.
4. For concealers, start applying under the eyebags then work your way up to avoid puffiness on the eyes. It is also advisable to apply on the corners of the nose and lips because these are where age spots usually occurs.
5. Contouring would start where the ears meet the face and should end on the area aligned from the outer corner of the eyes. (I really have a hard time explaining the specific area, but I hope you get it.) Also, use single strokes pointing the brush away from the face.

Those where most of the things I learned while some of her talks were already discussed to me during my personal make up workshop.

To be honest, I enjoyed the talk given by Ms. Julia and I learned a lot especially o how to use their products to my advantage. There's just one thing I didn't like which was that I was told through text message that there will be freebies after the workshop. I really anticipated that but it turned out that you need to purchase first before you can actually get a freebie. I think that's just false advertisement. It would have been better if they stated that there will be a freebie for a purchase of anything. Its not nice to give participants false hopes, right.

But generally, I enjoyed the workshop. And what really surprised me was that a lot of the participants were a lot older than me, I'm 28 years old btw. It was so cool to see them so interested with make ups and asking questions about it. I'd definitely watch out for more workshops and promotions from Benefit.

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