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Monday, July 18, 2016

Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Tattoo

Okay, so to be honest, I'm not really a lipstick person. It was only last year that I finally decided to try out more shades of lipsticks. I remember one of my student's telling me before to put on lipsticks too 'coz I really look pale. And so my journey started.. I realized how lipsticks make any look totally different just by the shade. It also has a big effect on how the makeup will be put together. So, expect to have more lipsticks review so I could finally find my holy grail on lipsticks.

Okay, so enough about my history, on the chopping board today for my lipstick review is:
Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color/Tattoo

This is not mine but my sister-in-law which she bought from Lazada. It is originally Php599 but is on sale for only Php175.00.

Product Description:
Monomola Wow Magic Long Lasting Lip Tattoo lasts for almost 24 hours! It acts as impermanent colour tattoo on your lips and does not smudge or gets erased for 24 hours long! Every woman's secret - the ultimate no-makeup weapon! Long lasting, hydrating and stay-put finish.

How to Use: Apply the Lip Tattoo thickly over your lips and wait for 10-15 minutes until it completely dries up and remove the dried lip tattoo.

My thoughts on the Monomola wow Magic Long Lasting Lip Tattoo:

 I'm just so happy that I did not buy it. Buti nalang I have a kind hearted sister-in-law who let me test it first, because it really is very disappointing. I got excited to try it because I saw reviews of how you will peel it off and you'll have a long lasting smudge proof lipstick. It works like a lip tint so it really stays put on your lips thus making it look naturally your color.

What I did not like about it was that it was too messy, time consuming, and stains. It was messy because the consistency was too heavy and "malagkit". Upon putting it on, you would need about 20-25 minutes to wait so the lip color would stick to your lips. The problem with the waiting time is that nakakainip, plus nakakangalay. The color then ended up in my mouth and staining my teeth. Yucccckkkyyyy! Plus when I first applied it on my lip, medyo mahapdi siya. But not to the extent that I had to remove it immediately, I could bear with it. Then when I peeled off the lip tattoo, hindi pantay pantay yung kulay. There were some parts na dark yung shade and others na wala. It was true though that it was long lasting and difficult to remove because I had to use lipstick remover to fully erase it. It wasn't really the shade I was after and more so the experience. I do not have the time to always wait that long to put on lipstick and I really did not like how messy it was to put on.

Have you ever tried to use Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Tattoo? Do you have any tips for me so I can maybe try it again?:)

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