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Saturday, June 25, 2016

#AMPRDigitalAppreciationNight at Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge

Last June 23, 2016, Thursday I got the chance to join AMPR's Digital Appreciation Night for food and Mommy bloggers in Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge. AMPR hosted the event for about 30 bloggers to introduce the PR company's services, brands, and clients. The night was a simple celebration for bloggers and AMPR team while enjoying Cuore's artisanal food.

The program started with an overview of AMPR's company and brand. They highlighted on their successes and milestones in different products and brand they have worked with. Some of the popular brands that they work for are Goodah!, Gardenia Bakeries Phil. Inc., Uratex, Acer, Happee among many other. The highlight, however, of the night was the gastronomic adventure offered by Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge.

Cuore pronounced as Kwo-re is italian for heart. Heart being the center of every dish at Cuore. They take pride in providing a complete dining experience. Armed with remarkable service, passionate service, and a home-y feel to their restaurant. The ambiance welcomes and encourages conversations, food conversations, social gatherings and social events. I would consider it for some intimate gatherings like birthday celebration, proposal, and just hanging out with friends. What is also the bistro's signature are their #hugot or love infused menus, which is perfect for everyone whether mending a broken heart or celebrating love.

My foodie-mates Nhessie Agustin, Anne Marie, and Aci

Now to the highlight of the night, the gastronomic adventure provided by Cuore. They serve international cuisines and put in their own personal touches to give it a twist and memorable-factor. All dishes are also beautifully plated and curated with refreshing flavors, that will definitely make one feel oh-so good.

Savory Bites: Spinach and Cream

Childhood Sweetheart: Cuore's 3 Cheese Brick Oven Pizza

All my Love: Cuore's Best-Selling Roasted Chicken with Side Salad

The One Who Got Away: Cuore's Fries Nachos

Appetizer: Where our Eyes Meet. Squid Calamari with Salsa and Mayo dip

Chix n' Chips: sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

Cuore's Panna Cotta
Photo courtesy of Dutch Fairy Ph Anne Marie Celso

Cuore's Churros. Super yummy and a perfect combination with vanilla ice cream. It was also served warm and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. hihi! Sakto din ang tamis so mapapakain ka ng madami!:) 

Summer Camping. Cuore's version of smores. It has a bread pudding at the bottom with marshmallow on top. It will really remind you of your first camping trip or the first time you roasted a marshmallow in the beach. 
Thanks AMPR, Gardenia, and Cuore Manila for the wonderful night. I had fun knowing about AMPR Events and Marketing, Gardenia's new products, and Cuore's delicious treats!

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