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Friday, June 10, 2016

Book Review: Querna Dose

Have you ever read a book and felt amazed, bothered, surprised at the same time? Or that moment when you had to just pause after reading that one or two paragraph out of the book because you just had to absorb the beauty of it? Or have you ever read a book that revealed so much about yourself and the world, especially about love and all its form? That is what Querna Dose is all about. 

Querna Dose is a novel written by Celine Rose Cristobal Gano, a Financial journalist and a graduate of Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University – Manila. By the way, she was my classmate way back in grade school. (Yes! Stage friend! Proud of you, Celine)

Querna Dose is about a story of a certain priest named Father Art inside a prison for a crime he did in Sta. Monica, Romblon. The story revolved around the struggles of different people Father Art came across inside the prison. One of which was Paeng, a young man who finds himself in the chaotic world of drugs inside the prison. Their worlds collide but the story unfolds as to how one would try to save a person not wanting to be saved.

Querna Dose challenges us to think about who we are in the world and how we are with the people who are different from us. It makes us understand ourselves and the actions that we do without being righteous against people who do things that are against our principles. It teaches us to love without asking, and love even when it is impossible to do so. Love in all its form is useless without knowing its true source and purpose. It is only when we can love another person until it hurts can we really say we have loved. And only then can we know how strong and capable we are of this unconditional love.  Finding this love means struggling, failing, and most of the time doubting. We start doubting everyone most especially ourselves and some of the times, the Supreme Being. The hardest times of our lives are the true test of our capacity to love and we should embrace that experience. Just like the characters in the novel, learning to love and be loved was the real story behind the cruel world of prison, and people just have to see it harder.
So if you think you know what love really is, at kung Bakit nga ba nakaunat and mga braso pag yayakap tayo? Then I dare you to read this novel, cause there is MORE to Love than what we know.

Here's also a Q&A with the author Celine Gano:

Bakit Querna Dose?
Querna Dose kasi mundo yun nung main characters na sina Paeng and Father Art. Sa rami ng nangyayare sa paligid, I thought it’d br interesting na magfocus lang sa particular world dun, which is yung querna 12b nga (dormitory na walang gang, as explained sa book)

Bakit sa bilibid?
Parang interesting for me  na pagsamasamahin yung mga characters sa ganun kagulong mundo. Parang umikot kasi sa mga broken people yung kwento  kaya san pa mas appropriate silang dalhin kundi sa lugar na puro broken – ang Bilibid.

Anong inspirasyon mo sa book?
Ang inspirasyon ko dun ay isang personal experience ko with a certain someone in my life of having a hard time accpetiong others for who they are, nagging struggle tuloy sa akin to love them dahil di ko mahawa yung first step man lang, which is ang tanggapin sila. The book was a product of the wisdom na natutunan ko from that certain experience. The lesson from that experience kasi liberated me, hence is the book.

Bakit nila babasahin ang Querna Dose? 
 Kung gusto nila ng tipo ng kwento o ng libro na parang nakikipag-usap lang sa isang kaibigan about what’s important in life, basahin nila ang querna dose

Message to readers
Sana pagktapos nila basahin yung libro, mas matuto silang magmahal at mapalapit sila sa source of love.

  For more information about Querna Dose, please like their FB Page here: Querna Dose - Isang Nobela
Watch the book trailer here: Querna Dose - Trailer


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