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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My #100Happydays Journey

Think you're having a bad day? Thinking of bursting out every anger in your body and go hysterical? Or do you have those moments when you just want to sulk in the corner and not talk to anybody? Well, I have those days. Days where I could not just see what's in this life for me, or what do I have that makes me happy?

It was in the first week of February, when I had one of those moments. It was a sad one. Just so you know, I have that moments in life when I feel a little sad. Luckily, I would always find a reason to be happy than focus on sadness. Though sometimes, I need that push to see things clearly and appreciate what I have than to look for what I don't have. Especially now that I am a mom, I would always be thankful cause every time I see my son, I am energized. He brings me so much happiness.

During those "emo" times, I bumped into a friends facebook page and saw her doing the 100 Happy days challenge. Instantly, I knew I needed to do it so I could count my blessings more. I was also enticed to do it because of the possible book I would get after the 100th day. What's also nice about it is they encourage people who would do it to just look into their everyday lives and see one thing that makes them happy. Kind'a neat, right?

It's very easy to do as I'm most of the time online, and I love taking pictures on instagram. I'm already on my 7th day and I hope you'd journey with me as well.

How to do this?

Just go to and you're done. I challenge everyone to be happy. Its that simple. :)

I'm on my seventh day and I chose Instagram as my social media. It's fun and a lot of people all over the world's doing it as well. Try it and let's spread happiness!:)

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  1. After all the trials, sadness/depression na pinagdadaanan ko... I think I really and badly need it this time. Need to find ways to be happy and cherish each moment. haaay life!



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