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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TEACHER'S TALE: IDEA: Green Project 74

While drinking coffee, checking students' papers, facebooking and texting. A seemingly great idea came to mind.   GREEN PROJECT 74 Its actually not a personal project but a project for my students this term. Im teaching a "College 101" course this term, and I find it irrelevant to give written exams. WHY? well, first I dont think I can assess their learning in class through multiple choices or essay exams. So, it came to this,  
So what is it? The title is actually a code. 

GREEN: La Salle and Benilde color
PROJECT: As it is a requirement in the subject 
74: Days till course card day
 Instructions: Its really simple. For the next 74 days starting tomorrow my students would make their own blog but with the same title The Green Project 74 by (insert name of student). Their blog will consist of different experiences they would have in CSB. (Just a little background: Most of my students are transferees from other schools, in their 2nd degrees, returning students, etc.. Most of them are also ARTS STUDENTS. Which makes this idea a lot exciting.) So anyway, for each week I will give them specific themes that they would have to incorporate in their blogs. I would require minimum of 2 blog entries for the week. They could include pictures, essays, poems, or anything they would want to include as long as it would show their experience with the school and answer the given theme of the week. 

This is really exciting for me and I hope my students would like it too:)


  1. sounds interesting. pretty sure your students will appreciate the medium/ technique you used - very modern and will provide more freedom of expression to their learnings.



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