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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BREMOD PERFORMANCE KERATIN TREATMENT: A New and Cheap Way to Revive Dry and Frizzy Hair

My number one hair problem has always been my “buhaghag” or frizzy hair. Ever since, grade school all I could do with my hair was cut it really really short. Though cutting it really short didn’t do anything to the frizziness but justprevented me from having more problems with it. It was only when I was in fourth year high school that I got it relaxed. Since then I would rebond or perm my hair. It did solve the frizziness for 6 months or more but it would come back as soon as the chemicals on my hair worn off leaving me with more problems. I have experienced all sorts of hair problems from frizziness, to split ends to brittle hair. My crowning glory didn’t crown me a princess for sure.
This January is the first year I have not treated my hair to anything. I got preganant last year so I wasn’t allowed to put chemicals on my hair. I think it did my hair and me a huge favour, as I saved money and my hair got the opportunity to breathe again… away from chemicals that is.
So I promised myself that I would not rebond, perm or color my hair until it gets back its life. Although, I still have problems with frizziness I think there are other ways of treating it now than just putting a lot of junk on it.
Today, I got an answered prayer. My niece brought what I hope would be the answer to my hair problems: BREMOD PERFORMANCE’S KERATIN COLOR-PROTECTING HAIR MASK. I have read so many good things about Keratin and its good effects on dry and frizzy hair. It’s actually one of the latest craze in hair straightening and smoothening nowadays. There are a lot of parlors offering this treatment but I found something that I can do at home for a price of only PHP250.00 Although, what I got is for colored hair I’ll still give it a try and see the results first.
Basic Facts about Keratin:
What is KERATIN?
Keratin is defined in the dictionary as a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns, etc. So Keratin is a natural element of our hair though it gets damaged by different factors like heat, sun, humidity or chemical treatments. According to it is still possible to reserve the damage of our hair through keratin treatments. Its effect is unlike other treatments like rebond or perm that does not really address the real problem of frizzy hair.
What it does to your hair?
Now, the effect of keratin is that it makes the hair smooth and silky. For frizzy and curly hair it makes it more manageable but it does NOT make it straight like rebond straight. Though there are parlor treatments that offer Keratin straightening, it’s different from the home treatment that Bremod Performance does.

For more info on Keratin Treatment, you may visit the following sites:

It’s a hair treatment that aims to lock color of chemically treated hair. It contains Keratin and Grape seed. Keratin, repairs and moisturizes damaged hair and improves the frizzy hair to make it beautiful and smooth. Grape seed, has antioxidant effect and protects the hair to avoid oxidation and keep the hair gorgeous and new.
After shampooing the hair, remove excess water of the hair and apply adequate amount to the hair, gently massage and heat for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
For Home Health Care: After cleansing the hair, evenly apply adequate amount to the hair, gently massage and heat for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse with water.

Because I don’t have any way to heat my hair with the treatment, what I did today is to leave on the hair mask for 1 hour with a shower cap and towel. It would somehow lock in the treatment, with the heat that the shower cap and towel would do. I’ll post my review after a week so I could really see the results. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll find the treatment I’ve been looking for.

There you go, and crossing my fingers!:)


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