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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pantone of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Every year, there is a color of the year, this is the Pantone of the year wherein a specific color is forecast to be trending in the coming year. The year 2016 is no different but uniquely next year the pantone color of the year is a mix of two colors. The blend of the colors in 2016 is a Rose Quartz, a shade of mineral pink and Serenity which is a shade in light blue.

According to, this is the swatch for the year's color of the year. It also has its own definition and reason for these colors to have been chosen. To know more about this you may click here:

Here are some pieces of long prom dresses that are in the shades of the color of the year: Rose Quartz

 This Rose Quartz dress can be found in Miss Dress Shop UK.

This is an example of a Serenity colored long prom dress. It's light blue is perfect for the day or night events as it exudes a fresh and elegant vibe. More serenity colored dresses can be found here:

If you are considering to get married these colors can be your best bet. It will make any wedding magical and colorful with just the right touch of colors. The long dresses also is going to highlight the details of the wedding and the entire entourage.It can also fit any teenager going to celebrate their debut as the colors and the designs of the dresses are elegant and sophisticated. The colors are also a combination of playful but mature feel to the dresses. But these dresses are great to wear for any occassion, with its long flowy style it can turn everyone's heads in any party you will attend.

All dresses can be seen and bought in Miss Dress Shop UK. They have tons of prom dress collection fit for everyone. You can check out more of their collection of Prom Dresses UK.

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