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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Momble Philippines: Social Media, Redefined for mothers

Being a new mom, I enjoy sharing my stories and listening to other mom's stories as well. I enjoy reliving my pregnancy and birthing last year and to give tips to some new or soon-to-be mommy friends I know. I think the more I share about my experiences and insights, the more I understand the experience and myself as a mother and a person in general.

It was also when I became a mom that I took blogging seriously and it made me look at the internet differently. It was through blogging that I realized I can make myself productive while being online and meet other mommies who went through or going through the same things. It was such a breather to find mothers who knew exactly how I felt with certain circumstances or to listen to stories of experiences I have yet to encounter. I learned to look at social media or the internet in general as an opportunity to be with a community that is willing to share and inspire others. And just when I though I knew everything about social media and the internet, I came across Momble from Mommy Vix Parungao of (Go and take a peek into her blog, she's such a nice and informative mommy blogger. I'll tell you a little something about Momble Philippines:

What is Momble?
Momble Philippines is a social media site designed for parents, especially moms
Mommies form a community and are able to share and comment on other mommy related topics. Aside from that here other things you can do once you register on the site:

·         Ask advice. Post your parenting-related questions and let the local mommy community help you.
·         Find someone to share your pregnancy journey. Through Momble’s Belly Buddies program you can find another mom with similar EDD (expected delivery date) so can share the adventure together. 
·         Pregnant and clueless? Get help from a mommy expert.  Sign up for Mentor Mom and match up with a mom who’s been through it all so she can help you with your questions and concerns.
·         Show off your kids’ photos. You will always be in control of who gets to see these.
·         Find helpful tips on parenting, raising your kids, pregnancy, breastfeeding and many more.
·         Buy items at great, lower-than-mall prices from fellow parents.  And if you can buy, why not sell too? You can do both at the Momble Marketplace.

Other things you can do through Momble:
·         Share recipes and also try out other moms’ recipes too!
·         Get help conceiving by tracking your ovulation (i.e. your most fertile period in your cycle) by going to Tools
·         Make new friends, set play dates and reconnect with past friends
·         Win goodies! Is there a mom out there who doesn’t love freebies? We think not so we have prepared wonderful gifts for loyal Momblers so make sure to keep your membership active by regularly posting content and photos.
·         Find information on local events

Momble’s best feature is that the content is mostly contributed by other moms in the Philippines too, so you can be sure that the information you get is relevant for you as a Pinay mom.

Visit to experience Momble for  yourself.  Registration is very easy and its for free. Add me as friend in Momble Philippines, my username is thereyoujho. Hope we can connect there too!:) 

For more information you can like them on their Facebook fan page here: 
For other questions you may email them at  

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