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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Look for a SUMMER GETAWAY!

Every year me and my college barkada need (need is actually an understatement) to have a summer getaway. As a young professionals in our chosen fields, summer is always something we look forward to because it the time of the year where we unwind, relax and get away from all the stress in our lives.

SUMMER is THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE FROM REALITY. >> this for me is what summer means. its when i get to travel to another place, try on a new swimsuit, ride the airplane or the bus and just be my friends and LIVE THE GOOD LIFE. Being a young professional, unwinding gives me the fuel to go on with life and make me a "new person" everytime i go back to work.

So this is my ordeal, this summer we planned an out-of-the-country getaway. Ayi, my college superfriend has an employee rate in one of the hotels in Bali, Indonesia and we thought it was a good idea to grab that opportunity. We were all excited by the fact that we get to go out of the Philippines, but knew we had to battle one more problem and that is getting an airfare. We askd travel agents we knew and discovered that the airfare would cost us $500.00 Oh no! and that's still exclusive of terminal fee and local taxes. From then on we doubted the plan. However, there was a brink of hope when we heard that there is a travel expo happening in SM convention center. So, we went there and look for packages that can bring us to out destination. Sadly, different agencies quoted us with the same amount of airfare and it really disappointed us.


Well, we decided we had to change plans and stick to the Philippines first before travelling out of the country. We decided we'll try Caramoan city in Camarines Sur. This is where my search began.

I have seen pictures of Caramoan but i do not have a slight idea of where it was and how far it was. I did some research and found a very good site with all the works and tips for people who wants to travel to Caramoan City. I'll post the link here because it has been a really great help for me. I have not yet tested it but who knows i might be in Caramoan this summer.:)
Here is the link:

The author was moymoydtraveler. He posted tips about the place like transportation, accomodations, places to visit and eat in Caramoan. As for a traveller like me, i found it really helpful and easy to read. So for those of you who wants to go to Caramoan, i recommend you this site.:)

BTW, thanks moymoy for the tips!:) I'll post my Caramoan adventure here if ever I'll be able to pull this off.:)

I also found this site

The site is owned by Myra Roces and it offers group tour packages. The packages is really affordable plus the site is very user friendly and informative.:)

Thanks also myra, and im hoping to get in touch with you soon for our trip!!:)

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