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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making my summer productive

This year will be a different summer for me. My boyfriend, Keene, and I thought of offering art classes feor children this summer. Our objective was to earn a little money so we can sustain ourselves during the summertime.

Summer is always a happy time for me but it also meant that I don't have classes for a month, which means I dont get a SALARY!!! Yikes!! It means that i need to have another source of income to get me through the summer and of course pay off for my summer getaway.

So, ALAS! We thought of offering a summer workshop for children and offer arts, crafts and drama/acting. Both of us were really not the "artist" type, which means we know how to draw... A LITTLE. So we asked, how can we teach art of we cant even do it.

Then, Keene thought of his friend who is a real artist. PROBLEM SOLVED. Gino Rosales, instantly said yes to the idea. He will be the one teaching arts to the children. YEY!!! I will teach crafts while Keene will teach acting/drama. The plan was going smoothly.


That was a really tough one...
Keene's idea was to invite the kids in the church where he used to volunteer. The only hindrance is that most of the kids are from a not-so-well-to-do family so asking for payment would be next to impossible.

Then the realization came. We lowered the price to P30.00 for 6 session including materials, handouts, and snacks. It was really a big risk for us knowing that we offer art and crafts workshop which needed lots of art materials.

Having no money is really a big predicament on our part as organizers. How can we successfully teach these kids if we lack the resources to do it?

We knew God will never fail us, we are surrounded by kind hearted people who shares the same vision with us. So we asked for donations in kind and in any amount possible. These people did not fail us as well. Thanks to their generosity we can push through with the workshop.

There may be alot of challenges along our way. On March 28, Saturday, the workshop will start. We are very eager and at the same time nervous about the outcome of the first day. The only thing that motivates us is the opportunity to share our talent, time and care for these children. We may not earn profit, but we will surely earn new skills, and especially FRIENDS.

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