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Friday, August 9, 2013


I wanted to write 31 blog posts last July. It was a challenge I took to myself to do.
I didn't want to do it to impress or anything. I just thought because I had the time and the INSPIRATION to write I had to grab the opportunity.

Yes, I am aspiring to become a blogger...Of what niche I don't know exactly. All I am sure of is that I want to write. To keep my memories in one and to laugh and cry at myself after a lot f years.

But then, sadly, I was not able to do it. First because I had too many work load. I did not really expect that working at home can be this toxic. Also because I started my Online Shop one of my bucketlist that's accomplished now. So I had to give one up. Unfortunately, it was this blogspot.

I could not say I am totally uninspired cause I have a lot of draft blog posts. Maybe I'll have the time again, to write everyday. Or I might not have the time at all.

Still, I am lucky that I am able to write, I have this blog spot. and I will forever be inspired. Blogged or not.:)

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