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Thursday, October 11, 2012

ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN:Insecurity killed the cat

Dont tell me what to do.
Dont tell me what to say.
Dont tell me what to wear.
Dont tell me where to go.

Dont talk behind my back.
Dont misinterpret my actions.
Dont take away my friends.
Dont ever call me names.

Do look at yourself.
Do try to accept who you are.
Do recognize your goodness, but
Do affirm your flaws.

Cause underneath all those hatred.
We both know you feel like hell.
So be careful what you think, say, or do.
Remember, its curiosity that killed the cat..... But insecurity will kill you!


  1. sinong kaaway naten?

  2. mga taong walang magawa kundi manlait ng iba:)



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