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Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Miss Teacher

I have been teaching for almost four years already. I have handled all sorts of students, from the quiet ones to the most "pasaway" ones. Each term brings new experiences and challenges and students would never fail to surprise or leave a mark in my heart.

The road to my being a teacher is never an easy one. I still remembered very clearly how my "career" started. It was just an ordinary day when I went to my former school to ask for some data for the paper I was writing for my masterals. When my former teacher told me to pass my resume and apply as a teacher. I actually didnt think twice. For one, I wasnt working and that was the only job offered to me during that time. So, I did pass my resume.

After a month or so, I was not called for an interview. It was then that I knew I wasnt qualified for the position. Then to my surprise, I was called to report for a panel interview. I didnt tell anyone about that interview because I have a curse on job interviews I broadcast. So, I went there..

First Question: Why are you late?
Me: to myself (I am not late. Am I?!)
Sir 1: She's not late, actually maaga pa siya.
Me: wheew...:)
2nd question (that i remembered): What's the last book you've read?
Me: Westernizing the Third World..(OOhh heavy.. well, it was a required reading so i really had no other choice but to read it)
3rd question: tell us a joke
Me: super corny joke.. read my past blog nalang.

Then, I was asked to demo teach about Community development which I had no idea what it was about. My sister helped me practice and make note cards for teaching.

I was ready.. ready to bail.. when I arrived in the corridor of the room I'm about to teach, I wanted to ride the LRT and go straight home.. I dont know where I got the guts to go in.. BUT IM GLAD I WENT IN AND DID IT!:)

Then the rest was history, I am in a school with the people I can be who I am without pretending. I am with people who believes in my abilities, and who laughs at my joke. I am in a school that values every people they have. I am in a school who doesnt only take what is for them but gives more to its people. I am proud to be a Benildean student and a Benildean teacher. I may not be the best teacher but i know i am the BEST person I can be.:) Im proud to be a teacher.:)


  1. can i pass question number 5? hehe very interesting story, good job! :D teachers know the write stuff.

  2. sure.. what's the question?:)



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