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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Prom Dress Guide for Working Moms

Happy new year everyone! January came by so fast, I didn't even notice its already almost the last week. Next week will be February already, and I'm sure a lot of teens would already be looking form prom dresses for their most awaited prom night. So moms out there here are some tips that could help you in finding your daughter's best prom dress.

1. FIT: In anything we wear, one of the first things to check is its fit. If the clothes is too tight or too loose will have an effect on the over all look of the dress. So, it is important to know your body shape, and what style of dress would be most appropriate. 
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Here's a guide from
2. COLOR: Another thing to consider is the color or shade of the dress and how it would complement the skin's complexion. The pantone of the year is ULTRA VIOLET and it could be one of the choices you and your daughter would want to consider. You may want to look into the basic color wheel and look if the dress would compliment each other.
Image result for color wheel complementary colors

3. LENGTH: Dresses come in different lengths and it would depend on what your daughter wants. But it would also be best to consider your daughter's height and the height of the shoe she's going to wear. A long gown would look perfect in a tall, slim girl while a petite girl would look fabulous in a empire cut long or short dress. 
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4. ENJOY! Finding the perfect dress for your daughter is an experience worth having. Go through the struggles and joys of finding the perfect dress and it would definitely add up to the moment being unforgettable. 

For more ideas on prom dresses, watch this video from Milly Bridal and choose your favorite style! 


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