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Monday, March 12, 2012


1. I like Enid Blyton. I got a Top Library Borrower in my third grade because I loved reading her books. Its because of her I got a very wold imagination. I believed in pixies, fairies, and toys coming alive. Now, I want a collection of my book to read to my future children.

2. I watch Lifestyle Network when I was in grade schools. I remember giving a craft card to one of my friends after watching it on tv. I wasnt interested in their cooking shows though.

3. I learned ballet in grade 3, taekwondo in grade 6, and swimming in high school. I competed for one swimming competition, with a kickboard, competed once in Taekwondo and never again, played during our ballet classes.

4. I learned playing the organ when I was in grade 1, but my teacher said my hands were too little I couldnt reach the keyboards. I also tried the guitar but it was too painful on my fingers.

5. I get obsessed with movies I watch that I end up researching about them. One is about Identity, which is abut multiple identity disorder that led one man to manslaughter people in a bar. The other is Sweeney Todd, which turned out to be true for some countries.

6. I was very thrifty when I was kid. I use to save the money given to me by walking to my swimming classes instead of riding the orange shuttle. I always kept a coin bank (a tweety coin bank) for all my savings. I was able to spend on things and went on different places because of this habit.

7. I liked the Hansons and the Nsyns when I was little. I also used to impersonate boy bands and girl bands.

8. I also impersonated Nora Aunor and Bisaya accent when I was in college.

9. I used to love old school, romantic songs when i was in grade school. I also had a songbook to write lyrics I wanted to memorize.

10. When I was in grade school, i would always listen to Don Moen in the morning. I also thought i wanted to become a nun during those days.

11. My ate and I composed a song about the environment and recorded it.

12. My grade school friend and I joined a dance contest with the song ragamuffin girl. My ate also joined with the song the bomb. We lost.:)

13. Ive kept a journal since high school until last three years ago. Now i use a planner:)

14. I love scrapbooking, cutting, pasting, and photos.

15. I learned to ride a bike using Mang Brendo's bike.

16. I was awkward, insecure, and confused in grade school.

17. I had a bestfriend in grade 3 namely Joan Rivera. Had special friends in grade two namely Ethen Mangali, Yedda MArcos and Kathleen (i forgot the name sorry)

18. I started putting on make up when I was in 2nd year college, learned it in New York, practiced putting it when I was working, found its wonders last year. Now Im an addict:)

19. I know how to shoot basketballs.

20. I know how to surf, to skim, to longboard but never got the chance to be good at it.

21. Jak of all trades, Master of None.


  1. natawa ko sa number 12! ragamuffin girl?? :) gawa ka pa FUN FACTS ABOUT ME naman :) - temi

  2. cge temi! gagawa ako ng fun facts about me!:)

  3. cge hintayin ko yan ;) sorry antamad ko maglog-in haha



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