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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

090109 Wednesday

Today was a great day. It started with my FMA2 class for ORDEV. I gave them their papers and grades already. At least I got one task done already. It was also our last day, im sure gonna miss those kids. I hope they'll still remember me next term, or when they are famous graphic designers or artists in the future. (they're all Multi media Arts Students):)

Patricia, came to me and told me to watch her in ANC. No specific time, I just have to guard the tv from Friday to Saturday to see her. I hope i can watch her episode. Im sure to be proud.
She also gave me her blogsite. its at

I just saw it and had fun reading. I was so amazed by her shots and blogs. Its like a way for me to get to know her generation. I had to blog it cause i got inspired.:)

Check her out: Patricia Beredo.


  1. great and the last you have achived all things

  2. reat and the last you have achived all things



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