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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

today's the day i whine!!

I hate it when people pretend to do something when actually they're not doing anything. When they try hard to look busy and all just so people would be impressed with them and say that they're good at what they do. They make people see that they have too many business meetings or they need to write too many business stuff and talk to important people. One of my friend said that "Kung ayaw daw magtrabaho, magpatawag ng meeting" which is precisely my point. Some people call fro meetings coz they dont want anything done and having a meeting is an obvious act that one is busy and is doing important things. The reality when you sit in that meeting is that things discussed before are just being repeated to kill time. After the so-called meeting, they go back to the office and rants about many things needed to be done. Ironic right?! Then there are those business stuffs needed to be written or sent to important people, they'll make their keyboard sound like they're setting their computers on fire, (Again, to display a "busy" mode act) but when you peek into it they're just typing instant messages or blogging. That's all BS! Lastly, talking to "important people", calling people every once in a while just to talk to them and broadcast in the office that they have stuff to do and things complicate them but then again its the same old crap that has been decided on meetings. Sometimes, they may seem to look like they're talking to very important people but believe they are not really that important.

There really is nothing wrong with people pretending to be busy, what makes it wrong is when they boss around people and act as if others are not doing their jobs. Not doing their jobs for them means not "pretending" to do anything. I don't like people who clamor for glory and who loves recognition even if they really do not deserve it. Some people really belittle other people just so they can feel good about themselves. It makes them believe that they are better than others, that they are smart, intelligent, etc.. but really I think its all insecurity. Really, when one thinks too highly of themselves and makes other people's lives miserable just to make theirs better is nothing but a proof of insecurity. When they need to shout what they have done and accomplished, and whine at the simplest things in the world is not only insecurity but also having too much drama in their system.

I dont easily get mad but i get irritated when people rants and whines too much about things not worth ranting about. I work quietly and if possible, i try to solve things on my own. Shouting or whining does not do any good. Pretending never pleases anyone and sooner or later the truth comes out. I especially do not appreciate people underestimating others just so they can make themseves shine. As a song states: "YOU CANT FAKE IT HARD ENOUGH TO PLEASE EVERYONE OR ANYONE AT ALL."

I know this is in contradiction to what i wrote but i just needed to RANT a bit!:)

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