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Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Surf Inspired Party Ideas: Sand art, Loom bands and more...

Okay, so, yes, this is another blogpost about my baby boy's first surfing themed party. Well, today, I'll share with you DIY tutorials on the different activities we had in the party. If you want to know the inspiration for the party, you may click here: My Baby's Surf-Themed Party Ideas  I also did a photostory after the event here: Photostory: My Baby's First Surfing Inspired Birthday Party.

We did not hire any party hosts or entertainers during his birthday. I learned this from the workshop I attended conducted by Manila Workshops. We only wanted to provide arts and crafts for the kid guests so they will be entertained. It was only practical because it was a pool party and most kids would want to swim in the pool. 

We prepared five (5) stations for the party that are also surfing related: (1) Sand art, (2) Nail Art and Tattoo, (3) Loom bands, and (4) Pick-A-Prize.

Sand Art:

Sample finished sand art bottles

Materials Needed:
Different colored sand
small spoons
paper cones
stickers for decorations

1. Choose about 3-4 different colored sand art.
2. Using the paper cone, layer each color of sand until desired content.
3. Seal with cork and design using stickers,

Nail Art and Tattoo

Materials Needed:
Temporary Tattoo
Nail Art


1. Ask permission for parent first if they can do this.
2. Choose any design whether nail art or tattoo
3. Choose any part of the body for the tattoo
4. Use water to softly wet the tattoo.

Loom Bands Making

Materials Needed;
Loom band kits
different colored loom bands

1. Choose from the loom bands available and make a color pattern.
2. Use the kit to make beautiful loom bracelets. 

1. Kids will choose a number to find if they have the following symbols:
Try Again
2. Each symbol has a corresponding prize

Coloring Area with customized coloring book

1. Get an "Enzo Surf's Up" coloring book and show your creativity.

I hope you get ideas from these for your own parties, hit me up just in case you decide to include some on your events!:) 
Watch out also for my next post on how to make your own Pick-A-Prize game and Smore's and Candy Buffet surf inspired!:)

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  1. This party theme is stunning and very unique. I have never attended any party having this kind of theme. Attending last night’s Thor themed birthday party at party places in the Bronx was also an incredible experience for me. I had loads of fun!!



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