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Monday, July 28, 2014

My Baby's Surf-Themed Party Ideas

It's already less than a month before my son's first birthday and I'm so excited to share with all of you, my readers, the DIYs and preparations we did for the party. We decided to have a surf inspired first birthday party because our little boy loves the water. By love I mean he loves taking a bath and enjoys his time in the swimming pool everytime we bring him to a resort or beach.

This is my vision board for the surf inspired party. Photos are from Pinterest.

Here are some easy DIY surf inspired party ideas:

1. Cupcake Toppers: I found surfing gift wrappers in Robinson's place, Ermita department store and thought  of using it as a cupcake topper as I could not find any surf themed cupcake toppers.

Gift wrapper
double sided tape
1. Cut gift wrappers. Paste on cardboard.
2. Place double sided tape and toothpick on the bottom of the topper.
3. Cover the toothpick with the double sided tape to seal it. 

2. Surfing Coloring Book. I made my own coloring book by downloading coloring book template of surfing, and beach themes. I used power point to print the coloring book and photocopy it back to back. Very easy and not-so-techie right?:) You can visit these sites for coloring book templates:, or search it in google and a lot of sites will come up.

3. Cake Toppers. I found different inspirations of surfing themed cake toppers and asked my high school friend to make me one, and here it is: 

4. Swimming/Surfing Pictorial. We also did our own pictorial from concepts, styling and all props. We did the pictorial in Tivoli Residences where my high school friend lives and asked my photographer friend to do the shoot. I have great friends, right?:) So sharing some of the pics here:


There are other DIY ideas I will share with you after his birthday on August 21. 
Do you have any other ideas for me? Comment below and I'll appreciate it!:)

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